Hilton Head Fishing Report – March Fishing

Overall the redfish around Hilton Head have been a bit spotty over the past few weeks as many of the schools have been starting to break up. The schooling fish that we have been finding have been pretty spooky. Though spooky we have been ably to pull a few fish out of them with small gulps and flies. In fact, the fly fishing has proved to given us some of the best action with these spooky reds mainly because the flies are landing softly on the water and not alerting the fish. Moreover, it seems that many of the redfish are feeding on small crabs right now which is easy to match with a fly. We have also been catching some nice reds around the bars and grass edges using live bait. On the other end of the spectrum, the nearshore wrecks have been firing off with good numbers of sheepshead. Over most of the winter the black sea bass were so bad that it was near impossible to get a bait to the bottom for a sheepshead, but the sea bass have finally thinned out and the bite has been good and consistent. Until next time, Catch em Up! Captain Charlie

Hilton Head Redfish

Hilton Head, SC has some great fly fishing opportunities and some of the best action comes together during the spring and winter months. As the water temperature drops our water clarity becomes crystal clear, similar to the bonefish flats of South Florida. The best part about redfishing though is that they will readily take a well placed fly and are much more forgiving than those spooky “ghosts”. This time of the year we are generally looking for big schools of fish. Many schools will have a mix of different sized fish ranging from 2-10 pounds. For the most part we don’t need to make super long casts, but you do need to be accurate. If you can cast 50-60 foot of fly line relatively accurately you can catch these fish. When we are not chasing reds on the flats we are looking for them around the oyster bars and grass edges. I use a number of different flies, but my most productive pattern is simply a white deceiver or clouser minnow. Until next time, catch em up. Captain Charlie

Captain Charlie Beadon




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