Fish Cleaning

Hilton Head Fishing ChartersOn many of our fishing trips we will catch fish that you can take home or to a local restaurant for dinner. In my opinion it only adds to the fishing experience to bring home your catch and enjoy the fish that you caught on that day. On  the other hand, I also have NO problem with practicing catch and release as is the case on many of our trips. If we do catch edible fish that you want to keep I offer fish cleaning and bagging service at no charge at the end of your trip. You need to remember that for most of our edible fish there are both state and federal regulations that we must follow that outline size and bag limits on what we can take on any given day. Moreover, as a responsible charter boat captain I may also impose additional bag limits for some of the fish that we are keeping depending on the time of the year and how I feel that fishery is holding up. For example: I always release egg bearing females during fishes spawning seasons and the reason for this is to keep our fisheries healthy for years to come. Though I have no problem bringing a few fish back for dinner; I am not out here to “meat fish”. I primarily run a sport fishing operation so if your main goal is to go out and “fill up the cooler” or “catch limits” I might not be the best choice of charter boat to consider.


If you do need to freeze your catch here is a great video on using a vacuum packer and if you are looking for some fish recipes you can visit my fishing blog to see some of my personal favorites!