March Fish Tails by Capt. Charlie Beadon

Another Kind of Fishing – Enjoying the Outdoors

Leaving the dock I can hardly wait to get to the flats because for the past few days we had been doing really well on the schooling redfish. As we pull up to the flat the good feelings continue as we see a small school of fish pushing over a shell bar and bait moving up and down the flat. We get set up and I move to my position on the poling platform in hopes of seeing more fish, and I ease down the edge of the shoreline. We see plenty of fish alright, but for some reason they just won’t bite. So after two three hours of fishing and not catching we decide to call it a day. On the run home my buddy spots a bald eagle of in the distance so we slow down to take a look. When we get closer we see that the eagle is working a group of gulls by trying to pick them off of the water. It doesn’t take long for him to get a hold of one of the smaller gulls and take it to a near by tree for lunch. What a sight! Though we may have been frustrated in the mornings fishing, seeing that eagle turned the whole day around. To hear more tails of whoppers and mishaps give me a call and let’s put together a fishing trip and until then “catch em up”!