Hilton Head Fishing Report – Winter redfishing with Warm Temps

I have primarily been out chasing redfish this past week and though we have been catching em, we have had to work hard to keep the rods bent. I was amazed at about mid week to see pollen on the hood of my truck… it’s January! It seems that everything is out of whack with this warm weather, but that’s not going to keep us off of the water. As I said we are still finding and catching fish, just not in the numbers that I am accustom to  during mid winter. When the water temperatures drop the redfish tend to slow down and not spook as easily so the key right now is to make as little noise on the flats as possible along with good presentations. I have gone exclusively to light soft plastic jerk baits because these baits tend to hit the water softly while at the same time allow you work them slowly within the strike zone. The fly rods have also given us an advantage as the small flies don’t spook the fish when they land as long as we can get into casting range. Until next time, Catch em Up! Captain Charlie


Captain Charlie Beadon