July Fish Tails by Captain Charlie Beadon

Feeding Frenzy – Bonnet Head Sharks

On this beautiful summer morning we pull off the dock and cruise down the river on what looks like a streak free mirror. My fishing buddy comments that he hasn’t seen it this calm in a long time and adds that the fishing should be good today. I agree; with conditions like this I should be able to see redfish coming from a mile away. We pull up to the flat and things look good, there is plenty of bait, wading birds and a few sharks pushing around. So we start to pole down the edge of the shoreline looking for any movement, ripple or giveaway that may lead us to a redfish…but nothing. I was really starting to get frustrated until my buddy put a dead eye cast in front of a ten pound bonnet head shark that was lazily cruising down the flat. I have to admit I didn’t even see that shark eat the bait but within seconds he came tight with a loud “hooked up”! On the first run that fish nearly spooled our light tackle rod, but we managed to keep it on long enough to catch up and after a 15 minuet back and forth battle we finally landed the fish and snapped a few photos. I really had not thought to fish for sharks that day, but with action like that why not fish for what’s biting. We ended up catching 5 more really nice sharks on the flats that day and had a blast doing it. To hear more tails of whoppers and mishaps give me a call and let’s put together a fishing trip and until then “catch em up”!