Rattlesnake Roundup

One of the best things about working in an outdoors profession is all of the things that you get to see. I am sure that there is not a day that goes by that I don’t see something that catches my eye long enough for a pause before going back to the business at hand. The other day while talking with my friend Marvin Bouknight, who is a full time wildlife biologist, he received a phone call that there was a was large rattlesnake near a local golf course that needed to be removed. Marvin asked me if I would like to go along to assist him and I very eagerly agreed. I have assisted Marvin with numerous other wildlife management issues but never a big rattlesnake. Marvin gathered his tools and we hurried to the site where the snake was reported to be…it was not hard to find as there were several golfers standing around harassing the snake (apparently throwing golf balls at it). Once we arrived Marvin went to work by first clearing out the crowd. Once everyone was gone he gently pulled the  5 foot snake to an open area with his snake stick. After all of the harassment our job was no easier as the snake was rather upset but at the same time never became aggressive. For the most part the rattlesnake simply laid coiled up in the grass flicking its rattle until we trapped it in a large tub and relocated it deep in a wooded area. For more information follow this link to Marvin’s website. Here you can read information not only about this rattle snake encounter but also other wildlife related adventures. I am also including this youtube video that Marvin posted which will really allow you to see and hear a large rattlesnake in action. Thanks, Charlie