Deep Fried Flounder

This recipe works great for Flounder fillets, but can also be used for any other mild white fish such as red drum, specs, whiting and cat fish



6 flounder fillets

 1 gallon peanut oil

1 table spoon old bay

1 table spoon tony chachere’s creole seasoning

6 oz Zatarain’ s Crispy Southern Fish Fry




Mix all seasonings, wet fish and zatzrains’s fish fry into a 1 gallon zip lock bag and shake until fish is well coated. Preheat peanut oil in large stock pot and monitor temperature using a thermometer. The key to cooking a good fried fish is to keep the oil at a constant 350 degrees. Start by bringing the initial oil temperature up to 375 before dropping the fish. Once you drop the fish in the oil will cool rapidly. You will need to pay close attention to the thermometer to make the necessary adjustments to keep the temperature at 350 degrees. Cooking the fish at low temperatures results in a oily, soggy coating and cooking at high temperatures will dry out the fish. The fish will generally turn golden brown and begin to float when it is done cooking. Use tongs to remove, pat off excess oil and serve.



Note: once the peanut oil cools it con be strained and reused until it starts to turn black in color