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Hufnagel Knot

Hufnagel Knot for Fly Fishing By Captain Charlie Beadon I recently read an article in the July/Aug/Sept issue of the International Angler (the International Game Fish Associations quarterly publication) about famed south Florida fishing guide Captain Steve Huff. Captain Huff is well know for guiding anglers to multiple tarpon and permit world fly fishing records […]

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hilton head fishing report

Hilton Head Fishing Report for March 2015

Water temperature is one of the key factors that determines the movements of fish and this is true for the smallest of bait fish all the way up to our apex predators. Overall, I would classify many fish as being either tropical or cold water fish. A good example of a tropical fish would be […]

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Offshore Fishing Tactics

Offshore Fishing Tactics By Capt. Charlie Beadon Offshore fishing is without a doubt the most exciting and heart pounding style of fishing there is. One minute your sitting, waiting, hoping for a bite and the next everyone in the boat scrambling around, pointing and yelling all wondering what’s on the line. Is it a tuna, […]

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Hilton Head Black Sea Bass

Black Sea Bass Fishing

Black Sea Bass By Capt. Charlie Beadon “Fishing in a barrel” This truly sums up the fishing for most sea bass trips. Sea bass are one of the best eating and most plentiful fish in the low country. You can fish for these guys year round though the best fishing takes place during the winter […]

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Hilton Head Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing into the Wind

Dealing with the Wind By Captain Charlie Beadon There are very few days in saltwater fly fishing that we don’t need to consider some sort of wind; in fact I would say that the wind is the biggest difficulty to overcome in the sport. You have to remember that we are trying to present an […]

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Hilton Head Fly Fishing

Hilton Head Fishing Report – February

Hilton Head Fishing Report Cooler temperatures and clear water generally keep most of our inshore redfish in skinny water and given the right conditions the offshore wrecks will be loaded up for some super fast action. The key to fishing this time of the year is to look for calm clear days to sight fish the […]

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Choosing a Fly Line

Choosing a Fly Line: There is so much equipment on the market these days that it really makes it difficult to know what is best for your needs. The first thing that I would recommend is that you stop by and talk to the guys at your local fly shop (or local to where you […]

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January Fishing Report for Hilton Head, SC

I always find that January is one of my favorite times of the year to fish, especially when it comes to shallow water sight fishing. With cooler water temperatures we will see a dramatic increase in water clarity as most of the algae and plankton dies off. This crystal clear water will allow us to […]

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