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Winter Redfishing in Hilton Head, SC

  Winter Redfishing Captain Charlie Beadon During the winter months most fishing activity slows down due to cold water temperature. Fish are cold blooded animals meaning that they can not regulate their body temperature, and will take on the same temperature as the surrounding water. As the water becomes colder, a fish’s metabolism slows down […]

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hilton head fishing charters

January Fishing Report for Hilton Head Island

Of all of the changes that we are seeing with the oncoming winter fishing, the one thing that will make the greatest difference in our efforts is the water clarity. Over most of the year we are basically guessing as to whether or not we are casting to fish or lifeless shoreline but throughout the […]

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Hilton Head Redfish

December Fishing Report for Hilton Head, SC

As fisherman one of our greatest challenges is to read conditions out on the water on a daily and sometimes seasonal basis then make changes in the way that we fish in order to figure out how fish are migrating and feeding. Experience is one of the our greatest allies in this endeavor as it […]

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offshore bottom fishing

Offshore Bottom Fishing

Offshore Bottom Fishing Tactics By Capt. Charlie Beadon There are so many different ways to catch fish; from inshore sight casting to offshore trolling, but somewhere in the middle lies the most addictive of all…big game bottom fishing. When we refer to offshore bottom fishing in South Carolina we are generally talking about fishing baits on […]

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fish fighting techniques

Fish Fighting Techniques

Fish Fighting Techniques and Drag Control Presented by Captain Charlie Beadon If you do enough fishing you are bound to tie into a really nice fish and I’m sure that we have all heard the stories about “the one that got away”. Believe it or not in most cases the one that got away really […]

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light tackle fishing hilton head

Hilton Head Fishing Report November 2015

With crisp cool air coming in from the north and shorter daylight hours our water temperature is dropping fast and this transition into fall conditions will make for some of the most drastic changes of the year. Many of our summer fish will be migrating south or offshore while others will stay in the estuary […]

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Big Red fish on Fly Fishing Line

Cold vs Warm Water Fly Lines

Cold and Warm Water Fly Lines By Captain Charlie Beadon This is a good time of the year to compare warm and cold weather fly lines. For years I did not change out my fly lines as the seasons changed and always wondered why certain lines cast better during the summer or winter. The answer […]

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Hilton Head Bull Redfish

October 2015 Fishing Report for Hilton Head

I am often asked “when is the best time of the year to fish around Hilton Head” and I usually respond with “October through December”. Not only is the fishing and shrimping great but the weather is spectacular! Hot summer days give way to crisp cool conditions that make being out on the water just […]

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