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Technical Poling Skiff for Hilton Head

I recently purchased a new technical poling skiff for fishing the backwaters around Hilton Head, SC. This is a very shallow drafting boat made by Fly Boatworks. Thus far I am very pleased with her performance and ability to get into areas that I have wanted to venture into for years…and am sure that very […]

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Hilton Head Summer Fishing Report

The fishing has been heating up around Hilton Head Island over the past few weeks! We have been catching a number of redfish, specks and flounder along with some nice ladyfish and bluefish on light tackle around the grass edges and oyster bars back in the estuary. Moreover, the redfish have been tailing up on […]

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Winter Fishing in the Keys

I have changed gears this year and decided to fish the winter season down in the Florida Keys. I do miss fishing up in Hilton Head but things down here have not been too bad! The fishing back in the everglades have been very good with allot of snook and redfish but most of my […]

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July Fishing Action – Nearshore

Nearshore and Wreck Fishing: As the cobia migrate out the rivers and sounds tarpon will be migrating in to take their place. These fish average over 100 pounds and put up a spectacular fight. Also known as the silver king, tarpon are most well known for their aerial acrobatics when hooked. Along with tarpon we […]

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July Inshore Fishing Report

Hilton Head Fishing Report One of the most common questions that I get throughout the year is “are we going to be fishing in saltwater?”. My answer is always “Yes but more specifically we are fishing in a Saltwater Tidal Estuary”. Moreover, the Beaufort and Hilton Head areas are unique in the way that our […]

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Fishing Report for Hilton Head, SC

Nearshore and Wreck Fishing: The best action around our nearshore waters right now is cobia and shark fishing. These fish generally frequent the same areas so it is not uncommon to have a shark hooked up on one line while fighting a 40 pound cobia on the other. These fish are large and in charge […]

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June Inshore Fishing Report

Inshore Fishing Report for Hilton Head, SC: As we get deeper into the spring fishing season we will see an abundance of life all around us while out on the water. You might notice that the water clarity has gone from gin clear to “dirty” green-brown…this, in fact is not dirt or mud but rather […]

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Cobia Fishing Hilton Head, SC

Cobia Fishing!  These fish should start to show up in the spring and stay around through early summer and for what ever reason they do like to pop up to the surface and swim around like they own the place…well I guess they do. Once again this gives us a great opportunity to sight fish. […]

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